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Defibrillator Fuzz DIY Kit | Pre Order

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We’ve released to the public one of our most infamous projects, the monstrous Defibrillator, a fuzz with LED clipping, a unique and responsive tone stack.

When you buy this kit, you are getting all the needed components to build this pedal at home, PREPARE YOUR SOLDERING IRON!

The Defibrillator can generate from quiet to abrasive fuzz tones, even crunchy distortions with a huge frequency envelope…and the interaction with bass, Amazing! You better believe it.

What's in the Kit?

This Kit includes the following:

-Bill of Materials (all needed components).

-Knobs included.

-Drilled enclosure, adapted to a new footprint! (125B enclosure).

-Build Instructions.

-Troubleshoot instructions.

Paradox is not only a pedal company, with this initiative we are supporting a DIY community that’s seeking an adventure into the awesome world of pedal building. Like any other project that requires its infrastructure to maintain its own initiatives, when you buy this kit you are helping develop the following:

  • A detailed troubleshoot guide to assist you.

Apart from supporting Paradox to keep creating this kind of initiatives.

-This kit will be limited.

-Requires a basic notion of electronics.

 Check the site for the now discontinued Defibrillator view now