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What is Paradox Effects?

Paradox is a Tijuana based pedal company that seeks a future where even your parents use a fuzz.

Alright…I buy a pedal and, how long will it take for it to be ready?

From the moment you place your order, there is an estimated time of 6 working days for your pedal to be ready, unless we specify otherwise. In the case of pre –orders or other special purchases, we will notify you the building time.

Do you make custom pedals?

For now we are dedicated on our existing designs and manufacturing new effects, so, we don’t focus on custom jobs. We really suggest you check our pedal line, you might find just what you're looking for ;).

Adding to the previous question…Can I order one of your pedals in my favorite colors?

Due to the standardization of our processes it is problematic to produce only ONE in colors that we do not use, so yes it’s uncommon, but write through our contact section, and we’ll give you a quote depending on the colors you are looking for. Sometimes we produce limited editions for stores, so also be aware of these!
Arquitecto Pitbull Audio Custom Colors
Arquitecto Music Store Live Colors

Do you ship to México?

Yes! For your benefit, we ship to the entire country, the shipping cost is subject to the number of pedals you order and the cost of the parcel used. We make sure that your order is delayed as little as possible so, once your pedal is sent, it will take 2 to 3 business days to reach your destination.

Do you ship internationally?

Before answering this, check our dealers section to see if you find a store near you, the pedal you need might be available. If it’s not available, contact them or, you can buy it directly through our site. During checkout, make sure your country is available for shipping, if you don’t find your country, get in touch with us so, and we will gladly give you an estimate of shipping costs and any other info you might need.

What’s your refund policy?

Paradox Effects does not make refunds o changes after a successful purchase from the client, if the pedal was acquired through a store or third party, the purchase will be subject to their refund policies.

Does my pedal have a Warranty?

It does indeed! Go to Your Pedal Warranty section to learn more about it.