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GATO MUERTO | calavera gated fuzz

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An undead and wandering version of our infamous Fuzz-E Cat, a respectful reverence to one of our favorite traditions, ‘Día De Muertos'. Gato Muerto is a limited edition, with an expanded circuit of our oscillating cat, focused only on its gated mode, we exchanged the toggle switch for a mini pot that opens the pedal’s capabilities to a world of interactive tones.


The control “Llanto” is a special feedback on the circuit that shapes the fuzz voicing, on one end inhabit classic 60s fuzz tones, gritty and trumpeted, as you turn the control you’ll find the Fuzz-E Cat with its classic gate mode, aggressive Velcro fuzz with abundant harmonic layers, all the way to a super special configuration, unique to this edition: A nasal fuzz emphasizing mids, it would seem like the cat has awoken and wants to speak to you from the dead.

Everything from above with the musical touch you already know from the Fuzz-E Cat.



VOLUMEN/VOLUME: Control the overall level of the pedal.

FUZZ: Control the pulse width of the gated fuzz. More thin and strangulated to the left, more fat and abundant to the right, at the end might self oscillate in some settings.

LLANTO: Controls the overall voice of the pedal.

CV/EXP: Mono plug for CV, TRS input for expression pedal, assigned to the Fuzz knob. Internal switch to select between CV or EXP. NOTE: The internal switch is selected to CV by default, even when you are not pluging any device to the jack.


Power Supply: 9vDc (No battery option)

Min. Current Draw: 15mA

Dimensions: 127(D) x 95(W) x 56(H) (with jacks and knobs)

Weight: 350g

We recommend using a regulated 9 volt Dc power supply with our pedals, 2.1mm diameter positive barrel and negative center. Using one with poor regulation, not isolated and poor filtering can result in unexpected noise or unwanted higher voltages that can take the pedal out of operation and even cause damage.

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