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OBSIDIANA | octave layering engine

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The Sound Of Forming Crystals

Obsidiana is an octave layering engine in a polyphonic fashion, that sets itself apart from other octaves out there, multi-voice, two type filter options: 1 pole low pass, 2 pole resonant low pass filter, and a unique feature with branching octave trails, that can create syncopated rhythms or layers of reflective evolving pitches.
It responds well with both chords or single notes, able to process broad signal spectrums; seamlessly combining the power of a DSP, whilst maintaining a completely analog direct signal to maintain an overall warm and balanced voice.

As an integral effort here at Paradox Effects, we endeavored into a differentiator that could bring you a new spectrum of possibilities for a pedal of this kind, always fulfilling musical and functional needs.

Raiz mode consists in the decomposition of the sample signal, to create routes with nested delays that form soundscapes of octave particles, generating a syncopated sensation with each iteration.


OCTAVE DOWN: Controls the level of octave down.

OCTAVE UP: Controls the level of octave up.

DIRECT: Controls the Dry signal output.

1p: A low-pass filter, brighter when turned to the right, darker to the left.
2p: Second order low-pass resonant filter, sounds more of a synthesizer; moving the "Filtro" knob or expression pedal you'll have more drastic and spatial changes.

EXP: Expression pedal TRS input, it controls the "Filtro" parameter, the knob still determines the MAX/MIN sweep of the filter.

In Raiz 1 (OFF) mode, it controls the space between the attack and the voice of the note, similar to a Lag control. In Raíz 2 (ON) mode, it controls the space between the octave ramifications.

Feedback of the octaved signals to provide more upper and lower octaves to the overall wet signal, creating a similar sensation to a sustained organ note.

Raíz 1 (OFF) -
Conventional octaver, tracking the input signal in function with the "Retardo"(Lag) knob.
Raiz 2 (ON) -
"Crystalized" octaver with syncopated ramifications, generating granulated maps of octaves that evolve in time, depending on the position of the "Regen" knob.

Voz 1 (OFF) - Obsidiana voice: Clear and crystalline octaves, with a touch of warmth and presence.
Voz 2 (ON) - Ancient voice: Voice with frequency modulations, sounds similar to a Leslie organ.



Power Supply: 9vDc (No battery option)
Min. Current Draw: 100mA

Dimensions: 125(D) x 95(W) x 55(H) (with jacks and knobs)
Weight: 350g

We recommend using a regulated de 9 volt Dc power supply with our pedals, 2.1mm diameter positive barrel and negative center. Using one with poor regulation, not isolated and poor filtering can result in unexpected noise or unwanted higher voltages that can take the pedal out of operation and even cause damage.



Audio Clips

G u i t a r

My 12String Gently Pitch
Voz Obsidiana (Voz1) / Regen 3'o clock / Filter 1P
I Want It Simple
Voz Obsidiana (Voz1) / Filtro 1P - Telecaster, Vox AC30
Sounds of Leslie
Voz Antiguo (Voz 2) / Filtro 1P
Dirt the Octave
Voz Obsidiana (Voz 1) + Spruce Effects
The Gale fuzz
Short and Crystaline Memory
Raíz 2 (On) / Regen 0%/ Filtro 1P
I Dream of Obsidiana
Raíz (On) / Regen Largo / Filtro 1P
Sweeping the Melancholy
Raíz (On) / Filtro 2P
This Charming Resonant Filter Man
Raíz (On) / Voz Antiguo (Voz2)/ Filter 2P
Octave Funk From OuterSpace
Raíz (On) / Filter 2P / Exp Pedal
Nauseous Gazer
Raíz (On) / Voz Antiguo (Voz 1) +
The Gale fuzz