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ARQUITECTO | fictional space reverberator

ARQUITECTO | fictional space reverberator

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The Arquitecto is not an ordinary reverb pedal. This pedal has two cascading modulated reverbs, with different time, voicing and 2 depth modulation settings for each reverb. Reflector & Diffuser; Reflector has a brighter tone, while Diffuser has a darker and deep sound. By mixing both reverbs you can go from a swayin choral wash to cavernous landscapes and way beyond. *Use the Expand control for self oscillation madness.



Emulates early reflections in an enclosed space, emitting a bright voiced reverberation with a shorter time.


  Deeper modulation to generate a choral sensation on the reverb.  

  Softer modulation to create an ambience wash.


Casts a darker voice and a deeper swampy feeling that resembles the loss of intelligibility in a large enclosure. 


  Deeper modulation to simulate a dense and swampy environment.

  Softer modulation to create an ambience wash. 


This momentary switch expands the decay and feedback of the Reflector or Diffuser, you can toggle between them.

  Expands the Reflector’s decay and feedback.

  Expands the Diffuser’s decay and feedback.


Arquitecto uses a 9 volt DC power supply, positive barrel, negative tip at the center with a 2.1mm diameter.
Current Draw: 85mA.

We recommend using a regulated power supply with our pedals. Using one with poor regulation, not isolated and poor filtering can result in unexpected noise or unwanted higher voltages that can take the pedal out of operation.




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