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HABLA-BLA | polyrhythmic digital delay

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Habla-bla is a polyrhythmic delay, a digital device with variable sample rate, with two nested delays, the second delay has selectable proportions to the main delay time, this allows for delay textures beyond the ordinary, generating new rhythmic repetitions gallop when you produce simple melodies.
Think of it as an old recorder, that takes samples and spits them out, stutters, articulates, talks, repeats peats peats.



Habla-bla’s gain control for the second delay is key, it allows you to amplify above 0 dB, which produces new accents in the repetitions and diverse rhythms with the delay tails.

The “sampleo” knob, allows you to modify the delay recording resolution in real time, accelerate your rhythm creating new soundscapes of repetitions, or stretch your loop to produce lo-fi sounds with a lower pitch, modifying the whole volumetric quality of the recording.

A playful technological tool; explore new delay routes, drop loops that change and evolve rhythmically. Create your own sonic gestures, repeat and be quiet, or leave on infinite your favorite loop.

Repeat-peat is a new way to evolve volve olve olve…



Repetidor / Repeater:

Controls the number of repetitions or feedback into the delay, counterclockwise you’ll be left with almost no repetitions, at maximum infinite repeats, basically generating a loop that you’ll be able to keep recording into it.


Control the gain level of the second delay, you can amplify up to 3 dB, this allows the recorded repetitions to have other accents and generate rhythms instantly.

División / Divisions:

The proportion between the main delay time and the second delay, select between three modes ½, ½.6,¼.

Sampleo /Sample Rate:

This control changes the delay recording resolution, higher fidelity counterclockwise, less fidelity clockwise, at the same time when you are recording a delay, this control produces drastic shifts to what you are recording. At lower resolutions, there’s artifacts and noise into your sample, who doesn’t like a little texture on their mix.

Tiempo / Time:

Control the range of the main delay time of the effect.

Mezcla / Blend:

Control the proportion between the dry and wet signal, 100% delay clockwise, 100% dry counterclockwise.


TRS input for expression pedal, assigned to the Sample Rate parameter, the knob remains available to set the maximum and minimum sweep for your expression device.



Power Supply: 9vDc (No battery option)

Min. Current Draw: 70mA

Dimensions: 125(D) x 71(W) x 55(H) (with jacks and knobs)

Weight: 290g


We recommend using a regulated 9 volt Dc power supply with our pedals, 2.1mm diameter positive barrel and negative center. Using one with poor regulation, not isolated and poor filtering can result in unexpected noise or unwanted higher voltages that can take the pedal out of operation and even cause damage.