Your Pedal Warranty

We will take care of your Paradox Effects malfunctioning pedals, repairing or replacing them free of cost, as long as the problem is not related to paint, knobs, any mechanical failure due to misuse of the device or a bad electrical operation caused by the user, such as power supplies that do not meet the pedal requirements specified below:

    *Our pedals use a 9V DC power supply with a 2.1mm barrel, negative center. We recommend using power supplies dedicated for pedals, preferably regulated, with independent and filtered outputs (Switched power supplies can generate undesired noise foreign to the pedal).

| As an exception to the guarantee, if you used an incorrect power supply and it damaged  the pedal’s circuit, there will be an extra cost depending on the pedal. |


*Before sending your pedal to repair PLEASE be sure to check it properly, we recommend that you make tests connecting only this pedal, a large percentage of the time, the problem lies in an inappropriate power source, cables in poor condition, amplifiers with noise problems, the faulty instrument, or things that are foreign to the pedal. Ensure that the problem persists after all our recommendations.
When you are ready, follow these steps so we can receive your pedal:
1. Fill out the form (Provided by us upon request)
2. Send it by e-mail to and write as a subject "Repair".
3. Print the form and include it in the package you will send to:

Paradox Effects
Maria Larroque 1080, Soler
Tijuana, Baja California
México 22530

Shipping Before and After
The shipping costs to our facilities is paid by the owner, however once the pedal has been repaired, Paradox Effects takes care of the return label for its respective owner, this applies inside and outside of México.

Paradox Effects does not make refunds or changes after a successful purchase by the customer, if the pedal was purchased through a store or a third party then the purchase will be subject to its refund policies.